New Patients


At Harwood Chiropractic, we take pride in always putting you first! You will receive care that is unique to your specific needs. We listen to you and aim to achieve specific goals with your care to help you return to the life you love!


Manual Adjusting

Manual adjusting is primarily used unless a more gentle, low force, approach is necessary

Soft Tissue Work

Some form of soft tissue (muscle) work will be done at almost every visit

Specific Stretches

Stretches specific to your needs will be shown to help give you immediate relief


Rehabilitative Exercises

Exercises specific to your issues will be given to help support problem areas



  • X-Rays will not be taken unless we feel it is absolutely necessary to your care

  • We don’t recommend excessive treatment plans that are costly to you

    If we are unable to help you, or if you do not see improvement with care, we will help you find the right provider elsewhere. Your health is our main concern!