At Harwood Chiropractic, each patient receives care that is unique to them. You will receive a combination of the following services based on your specific needs and goals.

You will be educated on what is going on with your pain, and how we are going to help fix it.


Manual Adjusting

hands on manual adjusting is primarily used. You will often hear popping while being worked on. If you don’t like the popping and cracking, low force adjusting is available as well.

Soft Tissue Work

hands on muscle work will help decrease muscle spasm and tightness. If it’s tight, we can work on it.


Stretching is one of the easiest home treatments. You will be shown exercises that are specific to your symptoms so you can take control of your pain fast.


Exercises are given to better strengthen problem areas. You will be given exercises that are appropriate for your skill level, your injury, and your rehabilitation goals.

kinesiotape 1.jpg


Kinesiotape is an aide to help with movement. It also helps provide swelling relief in some specific cases.


Electric Stim

Electric stimulation rehabilitates the muscles by helping them contract and relax at specific intervals and intensity.



ultrasound therapy provides a deep heat into the injured muscles and tendons. It stimulates blood flow to the area and helps with recovery.